Paris (FR)

DJ Loïc discovered Salsa twelve years ago – first the dance then the music. His passion for Salsa music made him began a record collection - that is still growing today. In 2010, he was spotted by Djs Phil & Madj who gave him many opportunities to play on the decks and share his music with the dancers. After spending 4 years at the O'Sullivans Club in Paris as one of resident DJs, Loïc launched in 2015 his own party named "LatinBox Party" with the salsa teacher & choreographer Aude M. Loïc is also performing in well-known social parties and Salsa Congress in Europe: London, Zürich, Hamburg, Sibenik (Croatia),… and also in USA: San Francisco, Las Vegas & in Asia: Tokyo, Seoul, Busan & Taipei. Wherever he plays, he always keeps in mind to give the best energy and inspire the dancers all along. .

DJ Loïc


Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Katja has been dancing since she is able to remember. She grew up in a dancing family, starting with the ballroom dances and experimented ever since with different styles and music, spending countless hours on the parquet and in front of the mirror. More than ten years ago she fell in love with her greatest passion - SALSA. Almost 9 years ago she started as a Dj at local parties until she was given a chance to play abroad and slowly became a more and more recognized salsa Dj..

DJ Morena


London (UK)

Tuli started listening and dancing to Salsa music from an early age; passion for which only grew stronger after coming to the UK, performing regularly at a Salsa venue back in the early 90's called "Down Mexico Way"....then in the 00's she joined the Mambolifestyle Dance Company (directed by Irene Miguel) which also led to dance performances across the UK and abroad. Although, DJ-ing has been a fairly recent undertaking for Tuli, this has been a thoroughly enjoyable learning curve & she is committed to continuously update her knowledge in Latin music scene and becoming a well accomplished DJ.

DJ Tuli


Lausanne (CH)

DJ Luis G. ist seit mehr als 12 Jahren in der Salsa Szene. Zuerst als Tänzer und Lehrer, bald aber interessierte ihn auch die Musik. Er fing an Vinyl Platten zu sammeln, und schon bald war seine zweite Leidenschaft geweckt, Salsa, Old School Salsa und Chachacha wurden zu seiner Passion. Heute ist er ist für seine musikalischen Kenntnisse bekannt und ist national und international als Dj sehr gefragt.

DJ Luis


Prag (CZ)

I am dancing Salsa since October 2010. Although there have been some experiences in it before, I consider this the “real” start of myself catching the passion for Salsa.
Having learned at several schools and countless workshops I finally found my personal essence of this dance: Its freedom and flexibility giving one the possibility of incorporating whatever movement you want, might it be from Salsa, any other dance or just some made up stuff. As long as it suits the feeling and the music, it developes the dance. Of course I know, that some people might disagree with this statement, however I am not making up rules for everybody here.
I believe it is a teachers and DJs job to open the minds of his students for possibilities, show them some ways and than, let them choose themselves, if they want to take it or not.

DJ Mamborado